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Welcome to New View Cleaning Services. New View Cleaning is owned and managed by Kara & Matt Griffin, we both were born and raised in the Rochester area. We now have two children and two very large dogs that are like our children, so you could say we have a large family at home. I started cleaning houses about five years ago for a few people just to try it. I didn’t know if I would like this job, especially since I did daycare for eight years so definitely a little different. I will never forget my thoughts going to my first place to clean. I thought this is a little weird walking around someone’s house cleaning something that’s not your own. A switch up from changing a diaper but wasn’t complaining. I am going to be honest I was on the fence for a little while about house cleaning, however didn’t throw in the towel just yet.

I started to figure out very quickly that people I worked for needed me to clean their kitchen, organize their closets, do their vacuuming, wash their walls, change their garbage’s just do their weekly pick up that they didn’t have time for. I then started to enjoy my job as well as my clients were pleased with the work I did for them. I also liked that I had a flexible schedule to work around my family’s needs. After a while I started to see more and more what my client’s needs were. I started to have a different view, a new view that a cleaning company could offer more than just your regular old cleaning services. I want to give the community the ability to find all the cleaning assistance they need with one outstanding company. This is no franchise, we are a locally owned business being built up by Kara and Matt who are dedicated to taking care of your cleaning needs. New View Cleaning is fully insured & bonded as well as professionally trained. We would like to offer you A range of local services, that no other offers at an affordable price, that you can count on and with that said this is the key to your satisfaction.

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Kara Griffin